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KENYA LUXURY SAFARIS: When it comes to Kenya luxury safaris, travel world tour operator has become synonymous with the highest standards in safaris. The culture here is a real highlight but areas such as the Maasai Mara, when combined with the North Samburu, Laikipia or Meru) are so different you feel as if you’ve been in two different countries. Kenya’s coastline is also stunning with white sand and Turquoise Ocean, not to mention Lamu, one of the world’s most unique islands. The Great Rift Valley also passes through Kenya and the lakes can provide a relaxing change to your tour safari. We’re lucky enough to still work with some of Kenya’s most remote and luxurious safari lodge camps, so overcrowding isn’t an issue for our guests. It is the Kenyan people themselves that often make your safari here so special – they are charismatic, charming and have a fantastic sense of humour.

- 4 Days Masai Lake luxury safari
- 4 Days Maasai Mara Luxury safari
- 4 Days Maasai Nakuru Luxury safari
- 4 Days Helicopter Luxury Package
- 4 Days Mara Flying Safari
- 5 Days  Mt Kenya, Nakuru, Mara
5 Days Mara Flying Safaris
- 5 Days Maasai Nakuru luxury safari
- 5 Days Maasai Mara luxury safari
- 5 Days Masai Nakuru Naivasha
- 6 Kenya Walking Adventure Safari
- 6 Days Kenyan Premier Safari
- 6 Days Maasai Lake Nakuru luxury
- 6 Days Masai Nakuru Naivasha
- 7 Days Budget Lodge Safari
- 7 Days Maasai Mara luxury safari
- 7 Days Masai lake luxury safari
- 7 Days Masai Nakuru Naivasha
- 7 Days Masai Nakuru Amboseli
- 8 Days The Right Choice Safa

-8 Days Masai Mara Lodge safari

- 8 Days Masai| Lake Nakuru Safari
- 8 Days Masai Mara Luxury Safari
- 8 Days Masai Nakuru Amboseli
- 8 Days Masai photography safari
- 9 Days Masai|Nakuru luxury safari
- 9 Days Maasai Luxury safari.html
- 9 Days Masai|Nakuru|Amboseli
- 10 Days Masai luxury safari.html
- 10 Days Comfort Zone Safari

11 Days Aberdares / Samburu / Nakuru / Masai Mara / Naivasha / Amboseli

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Christine Duxbury Masai Mara National Park

Wally Amboseli National Park

Nik - Specialist Guide Lake Nakuru National Park

Anthony Hawell (Hoppy) - Guide Tsavo E & W National Park

Clive Alborough - Guide Ol' Pejeta Concervancy

Christine & LynnMt Kenya National Park

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